Casual Glitz

I’ve always loved a good black and gold ensemble. I feel like the two combined creates a chic, formal look, even when it’s a casual quilted jacket and black skinnies. My sister Danielle surprised me on my birthday with these pretty little golden slippers, apparently I had put them on my watch list on ebay and totally forgot about them! She hacked into my ebay account and bought them for me. What a dandy Deedle she is! I love them. The watch is also an ebay purchase, I bought it for $10.00. Ebay is one of my very favorite places to find goodies. I love it because sometimes you think “gee, wouldn’t it be swell to own a layered gold watch? I think it would look so perfect with this outfit.” You type, “gold layered watch,” in the ebay search bar and find something close to what you’re looking for! It’s so wonderful for the times you style an outfit in your head and know of that one thing that would make it amazing. They have anything you want to finish off your look! I’ve found the perfect purple pants, gold heels, funky blouse, and vintage brooches, just to give some examples. Ebay is also fun because you find unique, interesting, inexpensive garments that feel like one of a kind. Not to mention, the thrill of receiving packages in the mail! Yes sir, I am an ebay enthusiast.

P.S. I rarely bid, I usually go straight for the buy now.





Black skinny jeans: Ross

Quilted jacket: Savers

Beaded black blouse: Savers

Earrings: Forever 21

Photography by Charlotte Tidwell


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