Autumn Spice

I had so much fun putting together this look. I kept thinking to myself, “It’s Autumn! I want to look like I’m partaking in the joys of the season!” and immediately my cream chiffon, cowl neck, button up came to mind. I adore those gold metallic leaves! And then I quickly remembered my navy wide leg trousers I found in the men’s section at Savers in Orem. Funny eh? Just goes to show; you can find treasures anywhere!

On another note entirely, after about six years of depending on public transportation to get me to school and work and home again, I have to say this little shoot was intriguing. It’s nice to know what I’ve looked like waiting for the bus or the train day after day. Although, let’s be real, I probably never looked so wistful.

Happy Friday!












Crimson Coat: Goodwill- New York

Cream Cowl Neck Button Up Blouse: Allen B.

Navy Wide-leg Trousers: Savers

Gray Baby Wedge with Gold Tip Shoes: Ross

Gold Purse: Savers

Pearl Necklace: A Christmas present from my wonderful roommate in San Francisco, Ciara. She was too good to me.

Earrings: Forever 21

Pearl Ring: Street Vendor in San Francisco, right outside my school (Corner of 7th and Market St.)

Gold Belt: Goodwill- Boston

Photography by Charlotte Tidwell


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