Masculine with a Feminine Touch

I was going through a phase when I bought this blouse at a thrift store in San Francisco. I felt that I was pigeon holing myself through all my projects in school, I was just too dang girly! I was getting tired of the over-the-top feminine touch I was putting on everything (yes ladies, I do think it’s possible to go too far)  and I wanted to try my hand at something different, but still stay true to my aesthetic. There were a few girls in my life, both at church and at school, who’s style I greatly admired and noted that all of them wore very masculine prints, silhouettes, and colors, but somehow put such a funky, girly twist on them. These were beautiful (inside and out), stylish women who definitely rocked the men’s section. I decided to challenge myself by making a point to not buy anything with floral print, lace, pearls, or bows. For heaven’s sake, I hope you don’t get the wrong impression! I love all of those things, I live to be a woman and do it well. I just realized I was stuck and wanted to broaden my design horizons. I came across this blouse and immediately thought of a girl at school who would definitely design a print like this. She was one of my inspirations for branching out and I had to buy it! I certainly femmed it up more than any of those girls I mentioned would have, but that’s fine. I gave it the Kaitlin touch.







Blouse: Thrift Town (Mission and 17th St. San Francisco)

Jeans: The GAP

Brown Heels: Savers

Red Hat: DownEast

Gold Ball Necklace: Goodwill- Boston

Gold Ball Ring: Forever 21

Brown Leather Belt: Anchorage Mall, Alaska (I spent five months working at Mount McKinley Princess Lodge in Alaska, summer of 2007)

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


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