Delicate Details

There’s such a thrilling tale behind this skirt. I found it at the Goodwill in New York- Upper East Side. I noticed it for it’s gorgeous embroidered details, lace, and velvet trim. I immediately recognized quality and knew I had found something that had been originally quite expensive. Did I bother to check the label? No. I never cared much for brands, I judge a garment for it’s artistic value and craftsmanship (sure, I say that, but I definitely have my favorite designers). I didn’t know just how lucky I was until eight months later when I wore it to work at DownEast and got raving reviews from my coworkers. They oooed and aaaaahed over it  (which was very kind of them) and then asked me who it was made by. Huh. I don’t know? Never occurred to me to check. The woman who was head of design at the time checked my label and gasped. Yes folks, this skirt is from Cynthia Steffe’s very first collection in 1989. I was a wee babe of one year old when this skirt first made its debut. It’s beautiful and vintage and one of my very favorite pieces. I’d like to give the girl who gave it to Goodwill a big, fat, thank you. Bless her.







Cream Blouse: Thrift Town (San Francisco)

Cynthia Steffe Skirt: Goodwill- New York (Upper East Side)

Orange Satin Heels: Goodwill- New York (Harlem)

Flower Earrings and Pearl Necklace: Forever 21

Faux Leather Clutch: Savers

Gold Belt: Goodwill- Boston

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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