One day while working for Banana Republic in New York, the design girls and I were having a fun conversation about each other’s aesthetic. I was fresh from San Francisco and brought a lot of it with me. They labeled my style with words like “whimsical”, “witty”, “glamorous”, “vintage”, “classic”, and my favorite… “lyrical”. I’ve never heard that word used in the context of fashion before, pretty sure Eileen made it up, but I thought it was such a great word! It paints such a pretty picture. I think of the word lyrical when I buy little numbers like this hot air balloon printed tank. I found it on eBay for $4.31. You just can’t beat that! So in gratitude for inspiring me with such cute verbology, this one goes out to you Eileen.








Pink Blazer: eBay (find a couple similar blazers here and here.)

Hot Air Balloon Tank: eBay (find it here! I also have the girl with the sunflower.)

Jeans: Ross

Beaded Necklace: DownEast

Earrings: Forever 21

Horn Rimmed Glasses: Zenni Optical

Cream Crocodile Skin Bag: Ross

Pink Faux Jewel Ring: Forever 21

Gold Chain Bracelet: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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