Asymmetrical Lines

In general, I am a fan of symmetry, but I do enjoy mixing things up with an asymmetrical look from time to time. While combing through eBay one evening I spotted this dress and was immediately attracted to the lines created. I appreciate that while the two sides differ, equal weight is distributed between them. One side has buttons leading down, the other has a large pocket flap. I thought I would go with an asymmetrical theme here with the diagonal lined color block hand bag and open side heels. Asymmetry was very popular in the 80’s which is probably why I feel like such a yuppie when I wear this dress. Kinda makes me want to bustle the streets of New York again.








Asymmetrical Dress: eBay (get it here)

Black Suede Heels: Christmas present from my sisters

Color Block Hand Bag: Savers

Black Bead Necklace: Goodwill- Salt Lake City

Bangles: Forever 21

Black Ring: DownEast

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


9 thoughts on “Asymmetrical Lines

  1. I love that dress! I checked the reviews for it on Amazon and they weren’t glowing. How do you feel about it? fit? And would it be long enough to cover( to the knee) someone with long legs?

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