Formal vs. Casual

I thought this outfit was a nice example of combining casual and formal pieces to create a relaxed, dressy look. I used a chunky knit sweater and a simple red maxi dress, then added a double layer pearl necklace, jeweled earrings, and a semi-messy sock bun. The real star of the show is the lime green crocodile skin jeweled belt (sound scary?) that pulls it all together because it has aspects of the entire outfit in one piece. The green in the belt compliments the green ankle strap heels and the jewels in the buckle nod to my grandmother’s red dangling earrings. And there you have it; one zany, dressed up, casual outfit!






dsc_0146 copy


Cozy Cream Knit Sweater: Goodwill- New York

Red Maxi Dress: DownEast

Green Faux Crocodile Skin Belt with Jeweled Buckle: Savers

Green Ankle Strap Cut Out Heels: Savers

Red Jewel Earrings: My Grandmother’s stash (clip ons)

Pearl Necklace: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


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