Snow Queen

Ah! It’s finally time for beautiful coats! I mentioned it before, but winter is my favorite season. I know it’s cold and can be miserable if you spend too much time outside unprepared, but the magic of the season more then makes up for it. Snow has always had a breathtaking charm for me. I adore the pristine, clean, sparkly crystal flurries falling softly, and there’s nothing like waking up to a gorgeous white wonderland. I was outside of my high school with some friends when I first saw a real, unadulterated snowflake land on my sleeve; I was enthralled by it. Incredible how they each have their very own unique design! It’s my favorite nature miracle. The fact that it thrilled me to goosebumps should have been a clue to my future profession. I have a passion for patterns, shapes, and beauty.  This faux fur shawl coat is perfect for those pretty winter scenes that bring so much joy to my heart. It was a Christmas present from my mother two years ago. I went Christmas shopping with her for all my sisters. I know she feels stressed when buying clothes for me (can’t imagine why?) so when I came across this coat, I instantly felt like it belonged on my body. It was the one and only time I’ve ever picked out my own Christmas present. I don’t believe in that kind of fiddle faddle, but I don’t regret requesting this coat. I feel like some of my favorite old hollywood starlets when I wear it. This is more of a casual look but I really love to wear it to fancy holiday parties too!







Faux Fur Shawl Coat: Kohls

Caramel Colored Handbag: DownEast

Jeans: GAP

Gold Dangling Earrings: Forever 21

Jeweled Cocktail Ring: Street Vendor in San Francisco

Glasses: Zenni Optical

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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