Black and Brown

I grew up with the understanding that black and brown should never mix. It’s the same color combination faux pas as red and pink or black and navy. I had come to learn by the time I graduated from design school that all the “fashion rules” I had adhered to my whole life were for the birds! I found that there were always exceptions to all of them and that it really boils down to whether it is pleasing to the eye or not. The great thing about that approach (and I really do love this!) is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So moral of the story? Do what you think looks great! Experiment and have fun with colors, silhouettes, patterns, and texture! I’m sure that’s my San Francisco ideology talking but I truly value creating your own unique presentation of yourself to the world.

That being said, I agree that sometimes black and brown can clash drastically, but if the brown is the right tone (light, medium, and dark browns work) I think it can look modern and chic.









Black Beaded Top: Savers

Mint Midi Skirt: H&M

Double Ankle Strap Black and Brown Wedges: eBay

Gold Cutout Bracelet: Goodwill- Boston

Mint Earrings: DownEast

Brown Conversation Ring: Gift from one of my best friends, Carissa. It’s a souvenir from Paris France!

Black Purse: Savers


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