Feelin pretty groovy in this wild kaleidoscope top!  I found it on eBay. It’s another one of those “I’m not so sure about this… but because it’s so inexpensive I’m willing to take a risk” kind of shirts. Another winner! When I pulled it out of its package both my mother and sister made a “ugh!” face but I thought “Just you wait! Things are about to get real colorful and retro around here!” The flare jeans and twisted lace head band add to the throwback look but I felt I needed an anchor piece (the mustard blazer) to make sure things stay classy. And of course The Mamas & the Papas are my soundtrack when I wear this outfit. I’m just crazy about Mama Cass! She sings one of my favorite songs of all time.







Kaleidoscope Shirt: Ebay

Mustard Blazer: Anthropologie

Flare Jeans:  Lucky brand (Discount at DownEast)

Bronze Flats: Savers (I went thrifting with my coworker, Destrie, and she found them!)

Sage Lace Headband: Birthday present from that same wonderful roommate Ciara.

Brown Faux Ostrich Skin Bag: Savers

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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