Vintage Florals

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say it because this dress is my own design, but it’s one of my favorites. I had only been living in San Francisco for a few months when a new friend, Jessica, offered me this gorgeous vintage fabric from the 1940s. She said she had bought it a long time ago and never really knew what to do with it. I was thrilled! (Although at the time I was taking all my intro to fashion classes and didn’t know the first thing about sewing.) Even a few years later when I had quite a few projects under my belt and felt fairly confident in my construction skills, I was too afraid to use it! I loved it too much and dreaded the thought of cutting it up into something I hated. This pretty pink and purple floral print sat folded on a shelf in my closet until about 9 months before I graduated. I finally decided how I wanted to use it! I was going to make a dress that had a 60s couture vibe with a 40s floral! YES! I was sweating bullets the whole time I handled the fabric but we both made it through unscathed! I was delighted with how it turned out.









40s Floral Print Dress: ME!

White Knit Sweater: Ross

Pink and Gold Sling Back Heels: Savers

Purple Satin Sash: Goodwill- San Francisco

Pearl Ring: Street Vendor- New York

Draped Pearls Necklace and Pearl Earrings: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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