Golfer’s Plaid

I’m not a golfer, in fact I’ve never golfed a day in my life (unless you count all those Provo miniature golf dates?) but I do think there’s something to be said about a golfer’s style. I love a good argyle sweater and plaid pant! And who can resist those pompom shoes!? I came across these plaid pants at the Goodwill in Salt Lake and couldn’t pass them up. I feel like they’re spunky, a little playful, but still have a touch of sophistication.








Black Lace Blouse: DownEast (one of my favorite styles we’ve ever done!)

Black, White, and Cream Plaid Trousers: Goodwill- Salt Lake

White Heels: Goodwill- Salt Lake

Black Bead Dangle Earrings: Goodwill- Salt Lake

Black Witch Ring (well, it does look witchy doesn’t it!?): Forever21

Photography by Charlotte Tidwell 


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