Prancing in Powder

Gosh, I love this weather! I learned while I was in school that white is one of my favorite colors (or the absence of color if you want to get technical). It seemed to be my go-to color for most projects. While everyone else was heavy on black, I chose whites and creams. I suppose it’s because it looks so classy, clean, and dramatic.

I bought this printed skirt at the Goodwill in New York—upper east side. I was immediately attracted to the subtle geometric print and neutral color palette. I’ve been designing a lot of geometric prints at work (keep your eye out for them nine months from now!)  which is probably why I’ve fallen in love with this skirt all over again in the last two weeks.








Oatmeal Colored Coat: Goodwill- Boston

Chambray Shirt: DownEast

Geometric Printed Skirt: Goodwill- New York

Brown Knee-High Boots: Forever Young

Glasses: Zenni Optical

White and Gold Necklace and Ring: DownEast

White Tights: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


4 thoughts on “Prancing in Powder

  1. I don’t know how you remember where you get everything… I don’t remember where I got half my wardrobe and the other half is 1/2 DownEast 1/4 Torrid/Hot Topic and 1/4 Lane Bryant. 🙂

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