Little White Dress

I decided a few months ago that just like Chanel’s little black dress, every girl should own a little white dress too. Fashion advice from Kaitlin, take that nugget and pass it down to future generations 😉

I am a very determined woman when I get a style idea in my head; I’ll stop at nothing to make it happen!  Of course I could have made myself a white dress, but that would take time and effort. I decided to stop by eBay first and see what they had to offer. I entered “white pencil dress” into eBay’s search bar and this little number immediately popped up! What a simple, classy dress, am I right? And you can’t beat the price! eBay is so wonderful like that. My fashion ventures aren’t always that easy but I’m glad fate decided to throw me a bone.








White Knit Pencil Dress: eBay (get it here!)

Black Trench Coat: Express

Red and Metallic Color Block Heel: Goodwill- San Francisco

Red Bauble Necklace: DownEast

Gold and Faux Diamond Clip-on Earrings: Grandmas!

Christmas Plaid Belt: DownEast (Anthropologie)

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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