Sentimental Plaid

This black and cream plaid button-up belonged to my grandmother. She passed away only a month and a half after I moved out to San Francisco and it broke my heart that I was not able to fly home for her funeral. I’m so grateful my mother salvaged this shirt for me. There’s no amazing background story to this shirt, it’s not like I always loved it or anything, but it belonged to her and therefore it’s special to me. She had nicknames and cute phrases and songs for all of her grandchildren and I always loved mine. She called me “maid with the flaxen hair”. As she got older she seemed to be capable of only one conversation. She would tell me I was her maid with the flaxen hair and then say “do you know that’s a song?” and then proceed to sing it to me “la ta ta ta…” This conversation happened over and over and over again and I loved it every time. Bless her heart, she really was the sweetest grandma.









Black and Cream Blouse: Grandma McKinlay’s

Dark Sage Green Belt: Savers

Black Bead Necklace: Goodwill- Salt Lake

Black and Cork Wedge: Forever Young Shoes

Black Rose Earrings: Forever 21

Tortoise Shell Cat Glasses: Zenni Optical


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