Rainbow Tweed

I love it when I find pieces that have a little bit of edge but still allow me to stay true to my aesthetic. In school it seemed I was constantly getting feedback from instructors and classmates that they wanted to see more black, more of a wear and tear look, not so clean and fresh and “classic”. But here’s the thing: can I help it if I’m an aristocrat at heart?! I adore fashion history and I love elegant, sophisticated, gorgeous clothing. I came across this multi-colored tweed jacket at Savers and thought the black contrast fabric on the two piece sleeves and back gave it that “not so sweet” look. The two front pieces come to a point which adds angles and something a little different. I win!







Rainbow Tweed Jacket: Savers

Red Silk Button-Up: Goodwill- San Francisco

Jeans: GAP

Thin Black Sparkle Belt: Forever 21

Gold Plated Necklace: Forever 21

Assorted Gold Rings: Forever 21

Black Handbag: DownEast

Black and Cream Heels with Bow: eBay

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


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