Navy Cropped Skinnies

I ask you, is there anything more glamorous and chic then a wide brimmed hat? I was pretty thrilled when I saw that our accessories designer had this one coming in. And total coincidence, it matches my swim suit perfectly! Perhaps I’ll do a swim suit post in the summer? Maybe? It sounds terrifying. But I have to show you all my awesome eBay suit finds!

But the focus of this post is actually on the navy and white printed pants because… the print is my own! I was so pleased to see how it turned out, and because it was one of the first prints I worked on at DownEast, I felt like these pants held sentimental value. I had to buy them.








Yellow Blazer: Anthropologie

Cream Sweater: Ross

Navy Printed Pant: DownEast

Gray Peep-toe Heels: Savers

Navy and White Straw Hat: DownEast

Black Iridescent Pearls: Birthday present from one of my best friends, Hayley. She sent them to me from Hawaii, where she went to school!

Navy Jeweled Earrings: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


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