Bright Winter Posies

This dress is interesting to me because although it has such a fun, colorful floral print, I feel like it is still appropriate for winter wear. The black ground gives it a deep, rich, almost moody feeling. I bought it at Ross in San Francisco and I remember debating about whether I should get it or not because it looks like the breeziest dress you could ever make. It’s simply made up of several panels sewn together. I thought “Welp, I could make this easy as pie, or I could be lazy and buy it.” Evidently I felt lazy. But I’m glad I did, I’ve grown quite fond of it through the years.

I bought these red rose heels from Ross in SF as well and thought they looked so Paris chic! Also they reminded me a little of Miss Frizzle’s shoes from the Magic School Bus. I so looked forward to her shoes in every episode. Her heels were always decorated with whatever the topic of discovery for the day was. She would probably wear these pumps when the class was learning about botany 😉







Colorful Winter Floral Dress: Ross

Black Cardigan: DownEast

Red Rose Heels: Ross

Thin Black Belt: eBay

Black Bead Necklace: Goodwill- Salt Lake City

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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