It was only after I donned this outfit that I realized I remind myself just a little of a milkmaid. I think it’s the peplum on the pleated A-line skirt, and the folkloric floral cuff bracelet certainly adds to the effect. I wonder if with a little more folksy detail and a few braids I’ve just discovered my Halloween costume for 2014!? But really, little peasant girl aside, I’m quite fond of this ensemble. Every once in a while I enjoy a neutral color palette in my clothing, then add interest through accessories. My sister Charlotte sent me this green “medallion” for my 23rd birthday while I was living in San Francisco. I love it! And how ’bout those Barbie pink nails? I don’t usually go for that color but I think it works for this look.








Lace Peplum Top: DownEast

Gray Blue Pleated Skirt: Savers

Green and Gray Marbled Heels: Savers

Green Jeweled Necklace: Gift from my dear sister and favorite photographer!

Colorful Floral Cuff Bracelet: Forever 21

Pink Gem Ring: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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