Pretty Palette

When I was about 15 years old (9th grade) one of my best friends, Hayley, went on a family trip to Australia (her mother is Australian) and she brought me back a pink and purple, sparkly starfish magnet. It was a deep, rich purple on the outside and passed through several shades, a kind of ombre effect, into a delicious shade of pink in the middle. I remember thinking it was gorgeous and that I would never let anything happen to it. I still have it stowed away with relics of my first date, drivers permit, and other teenage memories. That’s what this outfit reminds me of. I love a good plum purple and soft pink together. Throw in a bit of icy blue and it’s magic. While we’re on the topic of teenage Kaitlin, for years I wanted this color palette for my future dream wedding. Unfortunately (or is it actually quite fortunate?) the older you get the more you change your mind and dabble with so many beautiful ideas. There are too many goodies! Now what’ll I do!? What’s that you say? Just don’t worry about it until the time comes? Fiddle dee dee! I always worry about it 😉







DSC_0224Navy and White Striped Shirt: DownEast

Plum Purple Cropped Pants: Ross

Soft Pink Cardigan: Forever 21

Black Suede Open-Side Kitten Heels: eBay

Black Skinny Belt: eBay

Pearl and Gold Chain Dangle Necklace: Savers

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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