Over-Sized Collar

Check out the fat collar on this dress! Maybe I’m just into everything being big and loud? Well alright, I think the need for glamour and “going big” has always been in my blood. Or is it nature vs. nurture? I grew up with 4 sisters and we’re all as feminine as you can go on the charts. It makes my poor, lonely brother dizzy. But whatever the reason is, I love for things to make a statement. I already told you how I feel about over-sized prints. An over-sized collar gives me just as much of a thrill! I found this worn out looking dress at Savers and felt that with a little sprucing up it could be a real winner. I’m so glad I was able to catch the vision because it really did look drab on the hanger, but I’ve really come to love it!








Geometric Print Dress: Savers

Black Snug Cardigan: DownEast

Black Skinny Belt: eBay

Cream Bauble Necklace: DownEast

Pearl Ring: Forever 21

Black Heels: Head over Heels

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


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