Pink and Navy

Pink and navy; I’m feelin’ it! And here I am mixing prints again. In general, I often think of stripes as a neutral color that goes with anything. You can mix them with florals, plaids, geometrics, polka-dots, and even other stripes. In this case I paired my striped blazer with a dainty pink print I designed for our January line. It’s in stores now! This is another “business wear” outfit; they seem to unwittingly be my forte.  I wore it to work and felt like such a little sassafrass!

P.S. Urban Dictionary cracks me up. You gotta be careful because it can get kind of crude, but someday I’d like to meet the young scholars who put it together.








Navy and White Striped Blazer: H&M

Pink Printed Chiffon Top: DownEast (my print!)

Faux Diamond Floral Necklace: DownEast

Jeans: the GAP

Pink Jewel Flower Ring: Street vendor in NYC

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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