Funky Fresh

This ensemble excites me because I pushed myself to do something a little different then my usual. I love when I step out of my box! ‘Course I brought it back to “Kaitlin” by tucking the shirt in and wearing heels. A few months ago I thought to myself “ya know, I need to collect more quirky, conversational pieces”. I typed “funky blouse” into eBay’s search bar and found this little number. How fun are those girls!? They’re so androgynous and mod, I had to have it. I was working on the fit of this skirt at work at the time and immediately paired this top to the pleather in my head. I eventually bought the skirt and was SO ready to put it all together and swag down the street! I think part of the fun in styling is having a vision and then being able to turn that into reality.

My photographer, Charlotte, and I decided that an outfit featuring a pleated pleather skirt required an edgy setting. We went to a skate park in Provo and the fellas were generous enough to share a ramp with me. They were very thoughtful and careful not to get in my pictures, but now looking back I think it would have looked really awesome to have blurred dudes zooming around me! Maybe I’ll enlist them the next time I’m feeling edgy.










Funky Printed Mod Blouse: eBay

Pleated Pleather Skirt: Modbe

Orange Suede Heels: Anthropologie Clearance

Gold Chain Necklace: Savers

Gold Chain Bracelet: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


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