I’m not super into cats, I’ve never met one that has completely stolen my heart like dogs do. I am however a lover of animals in general and I don’t condone any kind of cat torture. I’m never impressed when someone (usually a guy) tells me a story of some horrifying thing they’ve done to hurt a cat. Not cool. It’s very troubling to know that some people actually enjoy that sort of thing. My sister Danielle is a vet technician and we’ve had  several conversations about this recently. Anyway, this is a fashion blog so I’ll get to the goods. This  chiffon kitty cat top is in our March delivery and the print tickled me so I had to buy it! I usually avoid any kind of cat paraphernalia but I love the colors here, it makes for a great conversational print. Keep your eye out for it, it’ll be hitting the stores next month!








Kitty Cat Print Chiffon Top: DownEast

Gold Choker with Lion Head: Goodwill- Salt Lake City

Gold Chain Layered Watch: eBay

Gold Floral Ring: Forever 21

Robin Egg Blue Wedges: Forever Young Shoes

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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