Greenhouse Magic

This dress is by far the most popular style I’ve shared. I found it on eBay (while I was undergoing my white dress search) sometime in the summer and all 4 of my sisters and one of my best friends asked for the link so they could snag it too! It ended up being quite fortuitous because when my sister Allysann was married last October the bridesmaid dresses turned out disastrous at the very last second.  My sister Sharon remembered that we all have a copy of the same dress and that it would look gorgeous in Allysann’s wedding. Voila! Instant bridesmaids! I was hesitant at first but once I saw it all come together I think this dress looks much prettier than what we originally had planned.

These photos were taken at the Vineyard Garden Center in Orem. The sweetest old man tends the plants there and there’s a fat cat that likes to lounge in the foliage. If you guys are looking for a good place for a photo shoot, I highly recommend this greenhouse. The lighting is perfect and the owners are warm and generous.









Bridesmaids! 20131016-IMG_4134

White Ground Floral Dress: eBay (hot n’ ready right here!)

Yellow Heels: Savers

Pearl Choker: Goodwill- San Francisco

Red Dangle Earrings: Grandma’s stash

Sheer White Nylons: Target

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


2 thoughts on “Greenhouse Magic

  1. I love this dress and this is probably my favorite photo shoot we’ve done. But you forgot to mention that the bridal gown featured at the end was hand feathered by you. You might throw that detail in.

  2. Sorry for all the comments, I’m catching up. For the record I thought you made all the bridesmaid dresses and LOVE them either way.

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