She Works Hard for the Money

Both this top and skirt are my own handiwork! I made this black blouse as my final in one of my draping classes at school. I was very happy with how it turned out and was especially fond of the cream and gold buttons I stumbled upon at the fabric store. I used the same pattern I had made in that class to make this blouse for my sister Sharon. Interesting how various fabrications will make such a difference in silhouette and over-all look, even though they come from the same pattern.

The skirt is Modbe, it took me quite a few fit samples before I felt like it was right. I saw a girl wearing this peplum skirt at church last Sunday and secretly gave myself a hearty pat on the back. She looked great in it! Her victory was also mine, ya know?







DSC_0671Black Gathered Blouse: Me

Mint Peplum Skirt: Modbe

Black Heels: Head Over Heels

Butterfly Ring: Street vendor in San Francisco

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


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