Spring is in the Air!

We all know how much I love winter, but this warm weather is making me so excited for a season change. I do love spring! My birthday is in April-which has always been my favorite holiday ;)- and I think Easter is one of the most charming holidays. I felt like a springy floral with gold accents was in order to celebrate all this rain and sunshine. I found this shirt at the Goodwill in Boston and thought the construction was different and interesting, get a good look at those pintucks!

My sister Allysann was present when these photos were taken. If you know Allysann then you’ll understand why my expressions are a little more candid and natural. She’s a kook.









Spring Floral Top: Goodwill- Boston

Gold Braided Belt: Goodwill- New York

Gold Heels: eBay

Gold and Diamond Clip on Earrings: Grandma’s stash

Gold Knot Necklace: Birthday present from my totally cool sister Sharon

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


3 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air!

  1. Hahaha the gum comment. Also I can only imagine what Ally said to get that reaction out of you near the end. I think she should come with you always!! Where did you guys take these!? It’s so cute!!

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