I’m never too ashamed of looking like a white, blonde mammy. I love to wear scarves on my head! They make me feel like such a girl; truly, there is no better feeling. And how’s this outfit for casual!? I was going for a “Saturday Cleaning” post. Although I think girls would have worn a plaid flannel shirt and their hair swept up in a scarf to clean the house back in the 40s, it’s not a common practice today. Sigh. Let’s bring the class back, you and me, can we? I’ve always longed to live in Norman Rockwell’s world.









Orange, Peach, and Black Scarf: Goodwill- New York

Orange and White Plaid Shirt: TJ Max

Black Skinny Jeans: Ross

Gold Boat Shoes: Just Fab (sister Danielle gave them to me)

Orange Locket Necklace: Gift from a friend

Gold Sparkle Belt: DownEast

Oversized Glasses: Zenni Optical 

Photography by Charlotte Tidwell 


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