Here Comes the Sun

The weather over the weekend was glorious! I’m so ready for this! I’m eating Easter candy (Robin Eggs) as I type and I’m reminded how wonderful this time of year is. As much as I treasured my time spent in San Francisco, one of the things I missed the most was seasons. I need the leaves to change and fall in autumn, it should absolutely snow in the winter, I expect it to be blistering hot in the summer, and I love to see all the new buds and blossoms making their valiant efforts every Spring. Growing up in Provo, something I always looked forward to was the crocus blooms. I remember being a very little girl and my mother explaining to me that when we see the crocuses popping up from the ground it means spring is finally here! I never forgot that and I look for them every year.

I thought a happy giraffe sweater, denim skirt, and pastel pink sling-back heels was a satisfactory way of ringing in this happy season!








DSC_0858Giraffe Sweater: DownEast

Denim Paper Bag Skirt: Goodwill- New York

Pink Sling-back Heels: Savers

Pearl Necklace: Gift from a co-worker

Rose Earrings: Forever 21

Gold Chain Bracelet: Forever 21

Gold Sparkle Belt: DownEast

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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