Velvet and Stripes

I found this delicious brown velvet blazer at Savers; it has red satin lining and everything! I’ll admit I was a little scared of it at first, but I thought I could imagine it being cool so I bought it anyway. It sat in my closet for a couple months before I finally decided it was time to “make it work”. I’m so very glad I did, I want to wear it with everything now!

The horizontal striped dress is just an easy knit style we did for March. In fact, it’s even titled “East Going Dress”. Trust me. It’s cozy.









Brown Velvet Blazer: Savers

Blue Striped Knit Dress: DownEast

T-Strap Peep-Toe Chunky Heels: Forever Young Shoes

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


3 thoughts on “Velvet and Stripes

  1. I love it–from the blazer, to the dress, to the shoes, to the necklace, to the nail polish! Totally put together!

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