Bronzed Babe

And when I say “bronzed” I mean the shirt. Not me. Obviously. A girl can dream, right? But how fun is this metallic top?! It’s another piece I’ve been teased about from friends and fam but somehow that just doesn’t stop me. And all the ladies I work with in the design studio love it! So I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s another one of those styles that only people “in the know” love and understand 😉

I was going for a metallic theme here with my dark gold brocade heels and dangle metal rose earrings. I thought the salmon colored pants and blue and green tweed coat brought in some lively hues to brighten up the whole ensemble.

P.S. This camera angle makes my shoulders look huge but if I tell myself I look like Joan Crawford (4th picture down) then I feel okay about it.








Tweed Coat: Savers

Bronze Metallic Top: Goodwill- New York

Salmon Pants: Ross

Gold Brocade Heels: Savers

Metal Lace and Rose Earrings: Savers

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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