My San Francisco Treat


This was one of my favorite outfits just before I left SF. I bought both the neck bow button-up and the striped boyfriend cardi at Goodwill and loved the way the simple plaid complimented the bold stripes. I wore it to the post office one day to ship a few boxes home (moving is the worst!) and when the woman behind the counter hollered “Next!” I stepped up and saw her eyes unabashedly give me a whole body appraisal. She was a little sour as we interacted and I thought “Oh my, I just made an enemy in two seconds flat!” She crustily gave me my total, I paid, and just as I was on my way out she called “Hey! I love everything about your outfit.” Haha! Bless her heart, it made my day. That was two years ago and I still think of that encounter every time I wear this combo. If I had stuck around in SF I’m sure she would have been my go-to postal worker. We would have been friends.












Navy and Cream Striped Cardigan: Goodwill- San Francisco

Delicate Plaid Button-Up Blouse: Goodwill- San Francisco

Light Brown Leather Belt: Goodwill- New York

Black and Brown Double Ankle Strap Wedges: eBay

Paisley Embossed Leather Purse: Savers

Gold Circle Bracelet: Goodwill- Boston

Cream and Gold Anchor Ring: Forever 21

Glasses: Zenni Optical

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell  


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