Feeling Maternal

Yes, I’m pretty sure this is a maternity top. I found it at a flea market in New York City and couldn’t resist that print, I thought it looked so fresh and precious. This isn’t the first time I’ve sported maternity wear, I bought a black pencil skirt with a thick, cozy, elastic waistband and thought “Awesome! I’ll wear this all summer!!” It wasn’t until about three months after I bought it and wore it several times that I read the tag, and even though I was alone in the ladies bathroom, I could feel my face getting hot from embarrassment. It didn’t take me long to get over it though. Now I think “Eh. Who cares? It’s too comfortable.” I’m not afraid of wearing maternity clothes as long as I don’t look pregnant.

P.S. Does anyone else feel like this March has been exceptionally windy!? My sister Charlotte had to lend me her straw hat to keep my hair down. In the end I actually enjoy the effect. We decided that pencil dresses and floppy hats are becoming my signature. I’ll post some silly pictures of the wind blowing up my shirt, just because they make me giggle.













I have to admit, the wind made me feel a little powerful.



Floral Peasant Top: Flea Market in NYC

Slinky Steel Blue Maxi: Savers

Dark Blue Sparkle Skinny Belt: Forever 21

Red Kitten Heels: Goodwill- Salt Lake City

Dark Blue Faux Gem Necklace: Forever 21

Dark Blue Sparkle Earrings: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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