Vintage Jewels

My sister Sharon sent this beautiful brooch to me for my 23 birthday. It came in a collection of vintage goodies she bought from an antique shop in Boston. She couldn’t have given me a better present, I adored every last piece! But this brooch is for sure one of my very favorite accessories. I went through a phase while living is SF where I wore it on my blazer lapels, on headbands, on a chain as a necklace, and of course on my wrap dresses and button up blouses in case the neck opening was too low. Every time I wore it like that I felt like Marguerite from Ever After. I know she’s awful and you’re not supposed to like her, but she has great taste in jewelry!










Purple Pencil Wrap Dress: Ross

Jeweled Brooch: Present from Sharon

Green Marble Heels: Savers

Draped Pearl Necklace: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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