Checker Me Yellow!

Please excuse my absence; I had a very full weekend! Yesterday was my birthday and I was far too busy celebrating, I couldn’t make it to my dear blog. The festivities included family, presents, cakes (two of them!) shopping, dreaming, best friends, eating delicious foods, gorgeous flowers, and a really cute boy! Couldn’t ask for anything more!

I bought this yellow and white checkered skirt back in November and I’ve been hanging onto it for months, waiting for the perfect spring day to don it! I wore it to church a couple weeks ago and worried that I looked a little too Little House on the Prairie so I sexed it up with some of my highest heels. After church I made that same cute boy watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with me in honor of my ankle-length country skirt. The costumes in that movie are inaccurate as far as colors go, but who doesn’t love to see those seven brothers all lined up in their rainbow shirts at the dance!? The mid 1800s (1820-1870) is definitely my least favorite period in history as far as fashion goes, which is why that movie was a costume victory in my opinion.








Black Three-Quarter Sleeve Tee: DownEast

Yellow and White Checkered Skirt: Savers

Cream Bauble Necklace: DownEast

Cream and Gold Ring: DownEast

Black Heels: Head Over Heels

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


6 thoughts on “Checker Me Yellow!

  1. You are so pretty!!! I love the bow on the bum of the skirt. Your “boy” sure sounds like a sweetums. 😉 I love the necklace too! I have been thinking over the past couple of weeks that I need to buy some statement necklaces! Maybe I could borrow one of yours for Easter? Love you!

    • Oh hey guuuurl! You absolutely can borrow any and all of my necklaces. And I’ll be on the lookout for a really good one for you too! Thank you so much for your comments and compliments, Emsquirt!. Loves!

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