Retro Pencil Dress


I’m here! I really am, I promise! And I’m back with a lovely green office look. I stumbled across this dress on eBay and thought of my sister Charlotte because the picture showed Nicole Kidman modeling it. She’s been told a few times in her life that she looks like Nicole and I sent her the link because I thought she might be inspired by the dress and the model. She eventually bought it and when I saw the dress I thought “Wait! I kinda like it! How ‘bout I get one for me?!” this little green number here is the one Charlotte bought but she was gracious enough to let me borrow it for a few days. Green has never been my go-to color but I really love this shade.










Green Retro Pencil Dress: eBay (find it here!)

Gold Watch: eBay

Black Heels: Sister’s closet 😉

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


6 thoughts on “Retro Pencil Dress

  1. Ugh! Zach beat me! I wanted to comment first. Oh well. I love that color green on you! YOU SO HOT!!! Work it, wooork it! I may have to buy this dress. P.S. Zach, you’re keeping Kaitlin from her blogging duties! I check this lil blog every day in hopes of a post. 😉 LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!! COOTIE CAKES!

  2. I like the coral color better but this dress would emphasize my mommy belly so I don’t think it an appropriate choice for a mature woman like myself! Very cootie though!

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