I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I thrift I often buy dresses and shirts that are a little too big for me. It would be nice if everything I loved fit me well, but I suppose I feel like I’m really limiting myself when I stick to my size range, and for whatever reason the larger sizes seem to have all the fun. I see prints, colors, textures, and over-all better quality in the other sizes. So what’s a girl to do to keep from looking like she’s drowning in her Grandma Otter’s bathing suit? Belt it! And it’s all so wonderful because you can find amazing belts for $0.99 at any thrift store! I have a pretty healthy collection I’ve developed through the years. This dress I’m wearing here is a size 12 but when I put a belt around it to give it shape you can hardly tell. I love that swirly, gold-yellow print on the blue. So the next time you’re out thrifting and you see something you love but think you can’t get it because it’s too big, think again! Make it work!









Yellow Swirl Blue Dress: Savers

Gray Belt: Savers

Gold Tip Gray Baby Wedges: Ross

Gold Square Chunk Necklace: Goodwill- Salt Lake City

Faux Peach Diamond Ring: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


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