Easter Dress

This is my Easter dress for the year! I bought it on eBay a couple weeks ago and I’m so pleased with it. I was afraid this shade of blue would be a bit drab and life-less but when I put it on I thought “No no, this is a beautiful powder blue! Maybe even icy.” I’m sure the word icy came to mind because I’m so pale and blonde; I probably look like the Ice Queen in it. Which then meant that berry red lips was a must. I remember watching the animated movie The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe when I was a kid and thinking that the Ice Queen had such beautiful red lips!

Anyway, Easter was wonderful this year. I got to spend time with so many friends and family, ate delicious food, cracked open an Easter piñata, hunted for eggs, and feasted on candy! I also had time to reflect on Jesus Christ and strengthen my relationship with Him. Couldn’t ask for anything more, and that’s the gospel truth.










Easter Blue Dress: eBay

Pink Beaded Necklace: DownEast

Nude Peep-Toe Heels: My sister, Charlotte’s

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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