Think Pink!

The greatest joy in thrift shopping for me is finding treasures and styling them. I take such pleasure in putting together outfits and creating a look entirely my own. I could be mistaken but I think most of the world would prefer someone else to put together outfits for them and tell them what looks stylish. That’s why merchandising a store is so crucial; displays must be set up to be aesthetically pleasing and the mannequins are dressed to show a customer how the clothing is meant to be worn. Most of the time I’d rather not wear what the store tells me to wear because where’s the fun in that?! They stole the excitement from me! This is art and I want to create it myself. However, three years ago when I was living in San Francisco I took a quick jaunt to Goodwill between work and class (it was part of my Friday routine, as I mentioned here) and as I passed the front window I saw this darling pink suit outfitted with this beautiful floral blouse and thought “Oh my lands…I’m not leaving without it!” I walked in and immediately asked if I could try it on. It was perfect!! And Easter was right around the corner! I inquired as to who dressed the mannequins in the window display and unfortunately the girl responsible was not working that day. I felt like I really needed to congratulate her on doing so well! Now looking back, I wish I had left a note telling her I was so impressed with her good eye and grateful she put it together for me. Ever since then, this pretty pink number has been my Easter Suit. I wore it to church on my last Sunday in SF because I wanted it to be the image all my friends remembered me by. 😉









Pink Suit: Goodwill- San Francisco

Pink Floral Blouse: Goodwill- San Francisco

Gold Belt: Goodwill- New York

Gold Kitten Heels: eBay

Flat Pearl Necklace: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell  


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