Flashy Red

I’ve already mentioned that white is one of my very favorite colors (or not colors) but my other favorite color is red. I love all shades and hues of it! The funny thing is, people wouldn’t believe it because of the way I dress on occasion, but I really don’t enjoy the spotlight. I know I can be a bit ostentatious with my wardrobe at times, but when all eyes are on me I become very uncomfortable. Too much attention in a crowd makes me uneasy. For example: walking into church late and having everyone watch you as you find a seat- hate it. Being the only woman in a crowd full of men- hate it. Being honored at some type of ceremony where they shower you with compliments- I want to melt into the floor. I often say that I wish I could wear whatever I want, as flashy and pretentious as I wish, and never get a second look for it. I’d love it if people would give me a polite nod and mention in passing that they like my shoes or something and let that be the end of it. Still, red is my favorite and it’s THE most attention grabbing color in the rainbow! It brings such a theatrical element to apparel, and I do believe life should be your own, personal production! Sigh. I’m just a walking contradiction. But then I am a woman. I hear that gives me license to mystify.









Red Silk Blouse: Goodwill- San Francisco

Floral Skirt with Bow Belt: Modbe

Oatmeal Wedge Shoes: Forever Young

Gold Chain Pearl Necklace: Gift from a Friend

Gold Leaf Pearl Clip-On Earrings: Grandma’s Stash

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell  


4 thoughts on “Flashy Red

  1. I can hardly stand this outfit (that’s a good thing). It looks amazing on you! I want it. You are just the most beautimous lady ever. Red looks fabulous on you. La la la you!

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