Madame Librarian

I had a serious reputation when I was in school for being a prude. There’s just something about the stuffy, aristocratic look that has always held a charm for me. It was absolutely, in every way, different from everyone else’s style and I was teased quite a bit about it, which didn’t bother me because I felt a peace of mind knowing I was being true to my artistic integrity. No matter how much I was exposed to it, I just couldn’t get into the whole “hooked on heroin” look. In fact, I liked to make fun of myself with them and for one of my final projects I created a line called Prude. At least I had a real, recognizable aesthetic and people were able to instantly know which projects and clothing were mine in any given class. I love the vintage, upper-class vibe but I also enjoy adding some whimsy and perhaps a little humor. That’s what this navy blue dress with lime green polka dots reminded me of; it’s a little staunch, but the dots add something quaint!











Navy Dress with Neon Green Polka Dots: DownEast

Navy and Black Heels: Goodwill- San Francisco

Yellow Glow Bag with Bow: Savers (belongs to my sister, Charlotte)

Navy Blue Jeweled Earrings: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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