Confetti Dress

This cutie little red and white dress was found at the Goodwill in Salt Lake City the same day I bought this dress. It was a fun sister trip and we all went home with exciting finds! My sister Allysann actually bought this dress and I’ve been impatiently waiting to wear it because I love the confetti print. I finally got my hands on it!

I was also with my sister Charlotte when we found these crystal bead dangle earrings at an antique shop in downtown Provo called Cat’s Cradle. Aren’t they simply regal!? It made me want to shop at antique stores more often. I’ve always loved going antiqueing but most of the time I can’t justify spending as much on jewelry. BUT when you run into stunning pieces like this, I’m willing to admit it’s worth it.









Red and White Confetti Dress: Goodwill- Salt Lake City

Vintage Crystal Dangle Earrings: Cat’s Cradle- Provo

Brown Suede Peeptoe Heels: Sister Charlotte’s closet

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell  


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