We went for it with this photo shoot! As I was styling this outfit it seemed to get more austere and rigid with every accessory I added… and I was totally diggin it. I couldn’t help myself, I saw the direction it was headed and decided to throw in the glasses and do a messy 60’s beehive to go with it. This little pink dress with the sweet lace collar was my mothers. She probably wore it in the 60s and 70s, which, as you know, is something I can definitely appreciate. The brooch was my grandma McKinlay’s and my sister Charlotte snagged it when she passed away. Both of my grandmothers had a fantastic little collection of jewelry. I can only hope that I leave behind a legacy as equally glamorous for my posterity.

 And no, I was never in drama and the last time I was in a play was Jr. High, in case you were wondering. My theatrics are strictly reserved for my wardrobe.












Pink Dress with Lace Collar: Mother’s

Black and Ivory Victorian Brooch: Grandmother’s

Black Floral Mary Jane Heels: Deseret Industries

Tortoise Shell Glasses: Zenni Optical

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


12 thoughts on “Heritage

  1. Okay, first of all, that very first picture may be my most favorite one of you ever taken. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! Plus your nail color just POPS! 😉 I love the shoes too. & Can we just talk about your hair?! WHO ARE YOU?! Please do mine! I love you to bits & pieces, you cootie!

    • Julie, I think you’re right. I want to see you in a high collar with a brooch and glasses next time I see you at the library 😉 It is your duty as a librarian to dress the part.

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