Silly Sophistication

I found this puff sleeve polka dot sweater at the Goodwill in San Francisco and it spoke to me. It said “I’m silly with a touch of sophistication. Take me home!” And so I did. I wore it to school the next day and the head of my department cackled and ridiculed me mercilessly for a good 5 minutes but once she sobered up she admitted that she had a sweater similar to this one back in the 80s and she really wished she hadn’t gotten rid of it. She loved it. Moral: fools will mock… but secretly they’re jealous 😉

 I made the black knit pencil skirt a couple weeks ago with this specific outfit in mind. Everyone needs a black knit pencil skirt; it’s an essential basic for a ladies wardrobe. A woven pencil skirt is nice too if you love structure, and I do, but I can’t seem to find the right fit. My waist to hip measurements is a little more extreme than most companies want to acknowledge (if ya know what I’m sayin), so a knit skirt is much more willing to work with my curves and sit nicely on me.





Doing the robot. Naturally.




Red, White, and Black Puff Sleeve Sweater: Goodwill- San Francisco

Black Knit Pencil Skirt: Made by my loving hands

Red and White Polka Dot Scarf: Goodwill- San Francisco

Asymmetrical Black Suede Heels: eBay

Black Ring and Black Dangle Earrings: DownEast

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


5 thoughts on “Silly Sophistication

  1. You Rock it baby! I am glad you can have fond 80’s feelings dear. Since I lived it the first time, I find it impossible to feel all warm and fuzzy towards the fashions!

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