Ricky Ricardo

I’m crazy about these high-waisted trousers. I know I look a little like Ricky Ricardo with my pants all the way up past my belly button (which actually isn’t saying much, for some odd reason I have a very low belly button) but it’s such an old fashioned, classic look, I’m always drawn to it. Truth be told, I’d prefer to wear all my skirts and pants at my natural waist, it’s always the most flattering for me. The problem is, with the exception of high waisted pencil skirts, it hasn’t been in vogue for years. I was very lucky to stumble across this awesome pair of pants at savers, but I’m sure they came straight out of the late 70s, early 80s. That’s one of the many reasons why thrift shopping is my favorite game in the entire world! I find all the oldies but goodies a girl could dream of.








Gray Tee with Metallic Dot Detail: Savers

Pink Ponte Blazer: eBay

Navy Wide Leg Trousers: Savers

Gray Gold Toe Baby Wedges: Ross

Gold Morganite Ring: Present from my sister Sharon

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


3 thoughts on “Ricky Ricardo

  1. , Dearest, you look fabulous in whatever you wear! I, like you, prefer pants with a higher waist. Why? Because this style was designed for a woman’s body. In my opinion, low waisted pants are only good for pencils and pipe cleaners! Nice outfit!

  2. The high-waisted look is best! Especially for us curvy women. You look so cootie, as usual. I could never pull off those pants!

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