To: Jenerous Julie

So it’s like this. I have a cute boyfriend and that boy has a cute mom who gives me clothes sometimes. She gave me this lovely two-tone damask print top a couple weeks ago and in my mind I immediately styled it with a bright yellow pencil skirt. The problem was, I didn’t have one. I figured there was nothing for me to do but make it and I took my time getting around to it. But just last week I realized that we had designed a canary yellow skirt for May! Perrrrrrfect. I snagged it and was finally able to wear this cute outfit, compliments of Julie. I’m sure she never dreamed of making such a loud statement out of this shirt, Julie is a much simpler woman than I am when it comes to fashion, but I felt like the bold blues deserved a bold bottom (to compliment my already very bold bottom?).

The earrings are also a gift from Julie, she brought them back to me a couple weeks ago when she and a friend took a weekend camping trip to southern Utah. What a thoughtful lady, am I right!? Thanks so much Julie!












Two-Tone Damask Print Top: Gift from Julie Heckert

Blue Dangle Native American Earrings: Gift from Julie Heckert

Yellow Pencil Skirt: DownEast

Gray Flower Cutout Heels: Goodwill- New York

Gold Layered Chain Necklace: Forever 21

Bangles: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


9 thoughts on “To: Jenerous Julie

  1. So I brought up your blog to show a co worker the boy’s cute girlfriend and I find this lovely post about my recycled gifts! (Ok, the earring weren’t recycled, they were bought for you but you know what I mean!) That shirt never looked so good on me. Probably because I never paired it with a smashing yellow skirt! Mah-ve-lous darling!

  2. I love this whole outfit! “It just works,” says Steve. Seriously, that skirt is to die for! & I laughed out loud about your “very bold bottom” comment. Ha! The earrings are cute too. I wish Jules gave me gifts!

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