The Little Peach’s Wedding

My little sister, Allysann, was married last Fall, October 16th. It has taken her eight months to get around to her wedding photos (that’s right Little Peach, I’m publicly chastising you over the internet) and I have been so impatiently waiting to post about it because, no, it was not MY wedding, but I put my heart and soul into it. I, along with my sisters Sharon and Charlotte, styled the wedding, and I also had the happy privilege of styling the bride.

Allysann and I went wedding dress shopping several times before we finally decided she should buy a dress online and have it altered for a little more coverage. I thought a feathered bodice looked so romantic and glamorous and definitely different. The most important thing to Ally was to stand out from every other bride. It all sounded dreamy until we took the dress to a professional tailor in Salt Lake. I sketched up what we wanted, stood next to the woman as she took measurements, explained to her several times what we wanted, and left trusting that when I saw the dress again it would be perfect. A week later when Ally and I went to pick it up… it was a disaster. Allysann tried it on and the second she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror she fell apart. I held her in the dressing room while she sobbed but couldn’t help giggling to myself. The proportions were hilarious! They lengthened the shoulders to a completely unnatural extent making the chest drop all the way down to her belly button. Seriously you guys, they made her look like Yzma from Emperor’s New Groove. She of course was angry at me for laughing but it’s only because I was appalled at the horrible job they had done after all the lengths I went to to ensure it would be everything we wanted. I also knew it was 100% fixable. I thought “Oh for heaven’s sake! Give me the seam ripper! If you want something done you gotta do it yourself!”  The reason we took it to a tailor in the first place was because I didn’t trust myself. I had never worked on a bridal gown before and the thought of building it up, adding more feathers, and making it look professional scared me too much. Not to mention the back which seemed tricky to me because it was extremely low with a zipper. If you’re a seamstress then you understand that conundrum. But once I saw what a couple of “professionals” had done I realized I was capable of so much more than I was giving myself credit for. After all, don’t I have a bachelors in design? Didn’t I go through sewing boot camp with the scariest Chinese instructor known to man, woman, and child? Don’t I know a thing or two about patternmaking and construction? Haven’t I made plenty of dresses in my time? Onward Kaitlin! Chaaaaaaaaarge!!

Oh, last thought before we proceed, I also added that beaded crystal belt because the dress came with the most ridiculous, hideous crochet belt with a giant crochet rose. If you’re imagining it cute, stop. It wasn’t.

Okay, let’s go…

This was Bryan’s “first look” at his bride in her dress. Allysann made sure it was absolutely top secret to the world. She wanted a dramatic unveiling.
a (31 of 58)

a (15 of 58)

a (18 of 58)

a (20 of 58)

a (48 of 58)

a (156 of 414)

So sensual…
a (228 of 414)

a (118 of 414)

a (122 of 414)

a (153 of 414)

Her familya (26 of 414)

His family

a (44 of 414)

Bridesmaids and groomsmen a (66 of 414)

Some favorite cousins ❤
a (83 of 414)

a (87 of 414)

a (94 of 414)

The bride and her sibs- these guys are pretty precious peeps to me. a (35 of 414)

a (337 of 414)

This next segment is the setting up for their reception.

Check out the shoes! Give me glamour or give me death. I’ll probably have that engraved on my tombstone. a (7 of 41)

a (11 of 92)

a (13 of 41)

We stayed up way too late the night before spray painting decorations and vases and making floral arrangements. It was actually pretty fun!a (19 of 92)

I thought crystal bracelets and earrings would tie in the belt a little better and add some glitter. Those earrings were my grandmothers.a (10 of 41)

a (13 of 92) (1)

a (18 of 92)

a (3 of 92)

a (21 of 92)

a (22 of 41)

a (22 of 92)

a (4 of 92)

a (35 of 92)

a (58 of 92)

a (61 of 92)

a (63 of 92)

a (43 of 330)

a (24 of 92)

a (28 of 92)

a (32 of 92)

a (38 of 41)

a (1 of 41)

a (2 of 330)

a (29 of 330)

Allysann and Bryan insisted on a dance at their reception. With Ally and Bryan, they don’t even have to try. It’s always a good time. The following is evidence that alcohol is not necessary at weddings.a (60 of 330)

a (65 of 330)

a (75 of 330)

a (80 of 330)

Bryan and his mothera (87 of 330)

Allysann and her fathera (88 of 330)

a (91 of 330)

a (93 of 330)

Me and my little “mini me”. When I lived with my sister Sharon in Boston, no matter where we went, everyone assumed she was mine. a (97 of 330)

a (130 of 330)

a (143 of 330)

a (146 of 330)

a (166 of 330)

a (182 of 330)

a (193 of 330)

Well, will ya look at that. Even I felt the urge to cut a rug!a (197 of 330)

a (201 of 330)

a (208 of 330)

a (218 of 330)

a (221 of 330)

No one can jig like my brother, Lynn. No one. a (225 of 330)

a (230 of 330)

a (232 of 330)

a (234 of 330)

a (238 of 330)

a (243 of 330)

a (251 of 330)

a (278 of 330)

a (248 of 330)

a (241 of 330)

And that’s a wrap. Thanks for seeing it through to the end!


12 thoughts on “The Little Peach’s Wedding

  1. Oh my gosh amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo pretty. I love love love the flowers and all the pretty details, the bridesmaid dresses, obviously Allysann’s pretty dress and when she let her hair down at the reception. Eee!! I wish I could have been there! Also LOVE the pictures of you and Lynn dancing hahaha. Sigh.

    • Jo, I wish you had been there tooooo!! You would have danced the night away with us. But your mother came and I love her so at least we had a representative from the Dodson fam. Thank you so much, Jodle.

  2. I must admit, it takes someone with vision to style a real-life wedding featuring a feathered bridal gown. Love the shoes. Possibly my fav part of the ensemble. Except for the cutie flower girls. They were clearly the best part!

    • I wish the flower girls could have been used more. They should have followed Ally around all day holding up her veil and train, but Shmal probably would have gone too fast and let them drag behind her 😉

  3. I would never imagine myself loving a wedding with feathers, but you have now gone and proven me wrong. Feathers! Who woulda thunk! I think all those dahlias helped a lot though. Dahlias are the key to my heart.

    Looks like it was perfect from start to finish. Happy wedding, Allysann!

    • Oh, Dahlias!! I love them too. And thank you so much, your October wedding was gorgeous as well! But I want more photos. If you’ve already blogged about it, send me a link! I love weddings!!

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