Vivaciously Violet

A couple weeks ago while my sister Charlotte and I were taking pictures for this lil’ ol’ blog, we happened to run into the Beehive Bazaar in Provo. I was so excited because I’d heard great things about it but had never taken the time to go check it out. Probably because I know myself too well; I would want everything. Sure enough, we walked in and my sister and I went straight for the vintage clothing racks. I loved almost everything I picked up! But I exercised control (I really have been making improvements in that regard) and ended up only buying a killer 70s jumpsuit that will absolutely be making its debut on this blog sooner or later. However, Charlotte went home with this fantastic violet sweater dress and I had to do a post about it because the color and design is so incredible! Good thing she’s a nice sister and let’s me borrow it any time I please.

The photos were taken in Charlotte’s neighbor’s yard. Her poppy garden is amazing! I thought the fuchsia poppies were exactly right for a dress of such vibrancy. I hope someday I can have an equally divine poppy patch to call my own.











Violet Sweater Dress: Beehive Bazaar

Suede Nude Peep-Toe Heels: Savers

Painted Floral Clip-On Earrings: Birthday present from my sister Sharon. They came in a beautiful bundle of vintage treats!

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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