Bringin’ Back the 40s

This amazing 40s-esque dress was another fabulous find from the Goodwill in Salt Lake City. It was discovered on the same shopping trip as this dress and this dress. Clearly it was a fruitful venture. I’m crazy about that button detail going down the shoulder and the pleated puff sleeves. And how about those earrings!? They were actually part of my sister Charlotte’s bridal accessories. She calls them her wedding earwangles. Being a kook runs in the family.

Speaking of wedding jewelry, remember that cute boyfriend I mentioned a while back? He proposed Monday night. He took me to an antique shop down town and let me pick out my own wedding jewelry! I adore this vintage diamond ring, I hear babies laugh and angels sing every time I look at it. The guy who sold it to us said it was post WWII, so late 40s. It’s several sizes too big though, which means I have to give it back to be resized today when I get home from work. They said it would take about three weeks and I really hate that part. Still, someday I’ll be able to wear it proudly and know that I am engaged to be wed to my Zachary B. Heckert. I love him.

unnamed (2)

Please forgive my two week old manicure. I need my darling soon to be sister-in-law to fix me again!unnamed









Crystal Sparkle Earrings: Sister Charlotte’s wedding jewels

Purple Striped Dress: Goodwill- Salt Lake City

White Belt: Deseret Industries

Purple Pumps: Savers

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 



5 thoughts on “Bringin’ Back the 40s

  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!! Can we just say that I’ve been dying to call you my sister-in-law since I met you?! I’m so happy for you & Zachy! & I am DYING to see your ring in person. It looks so sparkly already in the pictures! I love you & Zach together.
    P.S. Of course I will give you a new manicure! Text me & we’ll set up a date. Or we can set it up this weekend when I come down. 🙂
    P.S.S I love the outfit pics too. You are cootie cake as usual!

    • Emma! You’ve been the best boyfriend’s sister ever. I think it was definitely time to take our relationship to the next level. Now we get to be sistas for real! Thank you so much for being so warm and genuine and thoughtful. I love you, GF. And good news about the ring! I begged him to put a rush on it and I MIGHT have it back by next week! And… really. could you maybe do my nails this weekend? XO!

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