It’s No Laughing Matter

There is such a silly story behind this sweater. When I was a senior in high school, I was almost through with my first class of the day when my teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said “There’s someone in the hall that needs to speak with you.” What on earth? Have I done anything naughty recently to get me in trouble? Ugh. I walked out the door to find my little sister, Allysann, looking distraught as ever. I asked what was wrong and she launched into a hysterical explanation. She wore this sweater to school that day because she thought it was cool and different and instead of getting compliments on her awesome outfit, everyone laughed at her! She began to cry and I couldn’t help but giggle. I hugged her and told her that she has such an engaging, fun, outrageous personality and that people surely thought she meant it as a joke. It’s the price you pay for always being the life of the party; no one ever takes you seriously. I tried to comfort her best I could and then we both went back to class.

 I happen to be staying at Allysann’s house right now while she and her husband are on vacation. As I was perusing her closet for something to wear I found this sweater deep in the back and it made me smile. I’m glad she kept it even after all the mockery and persecution. It’s clearly not the most flattering top for my round body but I thought I’d blog about it for memory’s sake.







Robbin Egg Blue Floral Motif Sweater: Deseret Industries

Banana Yellow Heels: Savers

Tortoise Shell Glasses: Zenni Optical

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


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